Best Baraboo Area Old Fashioned, whether you take yours sweet, sour, or press. The Old Fashioned is a fall tradition in Wisconsin. The traditional Wisconsin Old Fashioned is Brandy, muddled with Sugar, Bitters, a cherry and orange and topped with 7- up, usually served on the side of a Friday Night Fish Fry, another Wisconsin Tradition. 

This Old Fashioned Standard has so many variations to meet everyone’s tastes. 

  • Sweet | Lemon Lime Soda
  • Sour | Squirt or other Sour mix
  • Press | Lemon- Lime Soda & Soda Water
Booze of your Choice
  • Brandy
  • Whiskey
  • Orange Wedge and Maraschino Cherry – Standard
  • Green Olives
  • Pickled Mushrooms
  • Blackberries or other various fruits
  • Popular Old Fashioned Southern Comfort and Sour garnished with Green Olives. 

I was once told by a wise man, “never have more than 3 Old Fashioneds”… So True!

Best Baraboo Old Fashioneds

Hand muddled with the sweetest maraschino cherries.

Come for the outdoor bar and fire pits. Stay for the classic Old Fashioneds.

Classic muddled old Fashioned with the best bar popcorn in town. Go Early!

Friday nights are the best in a local Tavern with a Traditional Old Fashioned. 

Welcome to Baraboo’s one and only bowling alley. Air hockey and pool tables are available for you to partner up and compete, plus our bar is surrounded by multiple TV’s to watch your favorite game while you have an Old Fashioned.

Driftless Glen has quickly become a local hot spot for a night of great Old Fashioneds. Locally Produced Spirits and the most delicious Cherries. They have several recipes, but one of their best is the Maple Old Fashioned.Topped with Sweet Garnish: 1 Orange & 1 Cherry & a Piece of Bacon


Just outside of Baraboo, there are also some spectacular versions of the Traditional Wisconsin Old Fashioned.
Classic Old Fashioned High Ball of your choice. Hand Muddled

The Perfect Friday night cocktail, a nice long pour of your booze of choice. Self imposed limit 2! Happy hour appetizers are available from 4pm – 6pm, Sunday – Thursday in the bar and lounge.  All drinks are 25% off.

Sweet and classic, these high end cocktails are light on the booze, which is perfect since Ishnala tends to have a 1-3 hour wait on busy nights for dinner.

Their version of the Pre-Prohibition Old Fashioned features delicate and floral Coquard Brandy with a rich cinnamon simple syrup and two varieties of bitters.​ Rich Brown Sugar Syrup adds the sweetest touch.

Home of the $3.00 Old Fashion and flat iron steaks!

Made In Baraboo Market

Made In Baraboo Market

The Baraboo community plays host every week to numerous events and cultural community experiences.  Whether you are looking for shopping, outdoors, festivals, food & drink or music there is plenty of entertainment to be found making this truly, one of the many...