Forward in the Field Project & Retreat

Are you feeling a strong desire to live a more authentic life?

Can you articulate the thing that brings you meaning and passion to you everyday?

What if there was a process that would allow you to take actionable steps to reach those goals?

Have you ever felt there is a bigger purpose just waiting to be released inside you?

Something larger than you can describe or maybe even know. A deep knowledge you have something that you could share that could help others. An unfulfilled dream that has been waiting to be born. 

Once you begin to understand the perceived barriers and fears of what is holding you back from going forward, a whole new world will begin to unfold. With an open mind and a full heart, join us in 1, 2 or 3 day journeys in nature to begin defining your purpose and integrating the focus needed to accomplish your thing. 

We will incorporate our 10 Steps to Re-Engaging With Your Higher Purpose which includes wellness, belonging and connection. The team will lead with a driven desire to create communities of individuals who lead with their hearts and lift each other up, empowering one another to create good within themselves first and bring the good to their communities in which they exist. Whether you are just beginning to imagine your journey or got stalled somewhere in the process this is where your story starts.

"You must be the change you wish to see in the world."
- Mahatma Gandhi

About Forward in the Field

Forward in the Field is an empowering, outdoor, seasonal experience that uses nature to connect you to your higher purpose and provide you with a roadmap to begin living the life you were truly meant to live. Whether you are focused on improving the connection with yourself, family, friends, organizations, your work/business or community, whatever your arena is, Forward In the Field will begin to lay the groundwork to identify and implement your highest level of living a purpose driven life. And as your purpose becomes clear, your circle of influence will prosper, creating strong and healthy communities in which you live.

Located in the driftless region of the Midwest and nestled in the bluffs of south central Wisconsin on 46 acres of pure beauty and calm you will be removed from everyday distractions allowing you to focus only on you. In a forested sanctuary underlain by durable Pre-Cambrian quartzite rock, which signifies strength, abundance and protection, we will use the land to connect you to your roots through dance, yoga, meditation, art, movement and peaceful relaxation.

We are honored to have your presence and be an integral part of creating, what we believe will be a life changing experience. With open mind and heart, join us in celebration of pursuing your purpose!

"In a world where everyone belongs, anything is possible."
- Jane Fonda

More about Forward in the Field

Every event (weather permitting) is experienced under the sky. Utilizing the earths elements as a source of power and connection this retreat will provide you with a deeper understanding of your individual strengths and purpose. We will culminate each retreat on the final day with food from locally sourced farmers, chefs, cheesemakers, gardeners, bakers, and brewers/vintners/distillers with a humble small plates of ingredients from local organic and sustainable producers. Dining outdoors (weather permitting) with tables set in field, forest, orchard or vintage horse barn or indoors in front of our wood fireplace this unique gathering experience is a joyful celebration of human connection. And together we will gather at one table to share the most fundamental and universal human connection: Food & Conversation.

Join Jean Latham, Creator of Forward In The Field, and our team of Community Gatherer’s in an intimate, fun and energetically revitalizing wellness retreat in nature, where you will re-energize, re-imagine and cultivate your purpose and potential within you.

The Farm. The Story.

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About The Host

In her past career, Jean Latham was a licensed social worker, working in child protection services, and empowering women to become independent thinkers and doers rising above to create more
purpose driven, independent lives.

With a drive to pursue business aspirations she created regional and national sales success developing business and traveling nationally in the housing and construction industry. And then she got lost and tried to find happiness in all of the painfully wrong places. Little did she know that those experiences would be the way she would find her way back home and give her the tools to help others create more purpose driven lives.

Returning to Baraboo and reconnecting to the love of her life, she began the healing process in nature and on the land she has come to love. Creating strong individuals who are living their full potential creates strong communities. The community in which we exist are multifaceted. Families, friends, groups, movements, organizations, workplace/businesses are all micro communities of a larger greater community. By cultivating your greater good you not only improve your personal life you empower your the communities you touch.

Leading through example, empowering our communities, strengthens and creates synergy
as we mentor next generations.

Using elements in nature, every single person who attends will leave feeling rejuvenated, powerful, lighter, happier, relaxed, and excited for the next steps forward on their journey.

Dr. Angela Hanley


Dr. Angela Hanley has been offering chiropractic care, birth mentoring, nutrition and metabolic counseling since 2000 to her community in southern Wisconsin. In 2020 she began designing and offering wellness retreats, the first of which being a horseback and camping tour in Yellowstone National Park. Her love of travel, of chiropractic care, and her expertise in pediatric and newborn spinal adjusting have led her to serve challenged communities in Kenya and Guatemala. As a student of Yoga, Angela enjoys the union of movement and Spirit, and has been a long time lover of Sacred Geometry as it relates to our health and life expression. She lives in Wisconsin with her four children, two cats, and her canine companions Benny and Phoebe.

Rhonda (Siebecker) Hess


Rhonda (Siebecker) Hess has been a belly dance instructor for over 20 years and has performed in dozens of shows, formed several troupes and taught hundred of students over the years. You will learn beautiful, low impact belly dance moves any type of body, regardless of size, shape or age. Learn how to use gorgeous veils and bring a simple music piece to life through flow and simple steps. Connect with your inner goddess and your body image. Gain muscle strength and tone, improve balance and posture and feel your confidence soar!

Tatsianna O’Neill


Tatsianna O’Neill was born and raised in Grodno, Belarus and attended the university in Mogilev. She came to the United States in 2004 to work and moved to Baraboo in 2010 and has considered it her hometown. Since 2005 has been teaching different forms and styles of yoga, breathwork, meditation, and yoga dance. In addition to her passion for yoga, she found painting a second outlet for her creativity, teaching painting parties in Baraboo and nearby towns since 2016. Tatsiana’s creed is: enjoy your life, be creative, and love and laugh more. Tatsianna owns a Yoga Studio in Baraboo.

Becky Radke


Becky Radke graduated from the University of WI-LaCrosse in degree in exercise science and is passionate about health and wellness. She has vast experience in direct health services, business operation and management as well as sales, marketing and fundraising. Becky’s passion for health and fitness keeps her constantly on the go and she has recently retired from the healthcare industry and is pursuing other passions working in the Baraboo school district with at needs children. She resides in Baraboo with her two cats and lives in glorious Devil’s Lake State

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Most frequent questions and answers

Anyone who is interested in growing beyond where they are right now.

This will be a weekend of enlightenment, laughter, introspection, friendship and growth plus AMAZING local, healthy food and drink!

Activities may include but are not limited to:

• Yoga classes
• Meditation
• Dance
• Walking Trails
• Orchard
• Nature
• Open Fields, Forest, Meadows & an Orchard
• Wellness workshops
• Leadership
• Empowerment
• Laughter & Fun
• Connected Conversation
• Relaxation
• Places of Contemplation
• Wildflowers, Wild Berries, & Friendly Chickens
• Additional activities not included in the itinerary: Ask about availability of our personalized self care Massage & Skincare experiences

Openness. Curiosity. Humility. Flexibility. Humor. Fun & play. Vulnerability. Courage. Physical skill level: beginner, intermediate OR advanced. There are no limitations on your level of physical skills. Many of the activities will require movement and stepping outside of your comfort level. Every activity is designed to allow everyone to participate. This is not an endurance test, this is a growth experience. We encourage you to push yourself outside of your comfort zone as that is where your growth will occur.

What’s Included: 1-2-3 Day Retreats
• 1-2-3- Day on site activities, workshops training, hikes & adventures
• Pre and post retreat support from our team
• Breakout sessions each day to brainstorm and strategize with other creatives
• Opening night cocktail party with live music
• Wine tasting and small plates
• Closing champagne toast in the garden

• Lodging
• Flight Costs & Airport Transfers
• Transportation to and from the retreat

The retreat is located on our private property. We will attempt to accommodate special requests to the best of our ability but do not guarantee those requests will be met.

Please bring a great attitude and open mind and come prepared to have your mind expanded with endless possibilities. In addition you may want to bring:
• Water Bottle
• Hand Towel
• If you have a favorite yoga mat, feel free to bring them (we provide sanitized yoga mats)
• Bug spray if you have a preference, otherwise we have spray available
• Our vibe is comfortable and casual clothing
• Warm comfortable clothing for our winter dates, cool comfortable clothing for our summer retreats
• Wear workout/leisure clothing that are comfortable for movement. (Think leisure and laid back leggings, tank, short & long sleeve tee and hoodie or pullover)

Come in comfortable clothes. i.e. Leggings, hoodies, good walking shoes and non confining apparel. We will be stretching, bending, walking and moving in possibly ways you have not done for awhile. All of the activities, no matter what your level of comfortability is can be modified to meet your personal comfort level. For dinner if you would like to change you are welcome to but it is not necessary. The dinner is about conversation, community and connection.

Foods will be seasonal and locally sourced locally and regionally foods from farmers, bakers, gardeners & libations experts.
• 1 Day Event includes Fruit/Pastry/Yogurt Breakfast, Lunch & Small Plates & Drinks
• 2 Day Event includes Fruit/Pastry/Yogurt Breakfast, Lunch, Appetizers, Dinner & Drinks


Drinks & Food Included throughout the day:
• Water, Coffee, Tea & Juice
• Healthy Meals & Snacks


The food (weather permitting) will be served on the land and under the sky.
• Light Breakfast – The Horse Barn
• Lunch – The Orchard Picnic Style
• Social Hour – In the Forest
• Dinner – Somewhere under the sky

Light Cocktails (Alcohol & Non Alcohol) are served with appetizers and dinner events.

Weather permitting, meals will be outside, in the woods, horse bar or orchard deck.

• Free Time: Hike, walk, nap, read, hammock time, mingle, sunbath, enjoy the people, property, and spaces at your leisure
• Walnut Grove and walking paths throughout the property
• Hammocks, benches and wide open spaces are endless around the property
• Beautiful views and minutes to downtown
• We are a smokefree location

Gender neutral restrooms are located in the house on the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd floors.

Lodging is not included but recommendations are available below:
We live in a resort and travel destination area with multiple accommodations within 5-15 minutes from the retreat location.

Here are a few recommendations for Local Vintage Motels & AirBnBs:
Willowood Inn in Baraboo – Angela Lowe
Ringling B&B
Inn at Wawanissee Point

Our mild to moderate spring/summer climate runs from May 1 – September 30 and follows seasonal Midwest temperature norms. While weather cannot always be predicted the average expected temps are:
• May 1st – June15 daytime high of 70-75 and nighttime low of 60
• June 15th – August 31st daytime high is 80-95 and nighttime low 70
• September 1 through September 30 daytime high of 72 and nighttime low of 55
• October varies. Temp can vary daytime high 75 to low of 50
• Please bring clothing you can layer i.e tank, long sleeve tee, and pullover/hoodie plus comfortable stretchy shorts that you can add leggings or leisure pants in layers

From the Land believes strongly in preserving, respecting nature and maintaining the integrity of the land as you found it. We do not want to leave our mark in nature and at all times we ask that our retreat participants respect the local people and wildlife.

Venue Address:
S4231 County Road A Baraboo, WI 53913

Amtrak stops in Wisconsin Dells (Approximate 15 minutes from the farm)

Air Travel: Although there are bus and rideshare options available, you will want to rent a car to get to our retreat location.
• Dane County Airport (MSN) in Madison, WI (Approximate drive 45 minutes)
• Chicago O’Hare (ORD) (Approximate drive 3 hrs)
• Milwaukee Airport (Approximate drive 1.5 hrs)

All that is shared here, stays here. Any personal information should not be shared outside of our group.

1. Be respectful of one another’s space and remember everyone is here to reflect and grow
2. Respect the privacy within the group
3. Be respectful of people’s personal experiences
4. Keep conversation to a minimum, allowing participants to receive & process content
5. Maintain a positive, supportive environment
6. Be Mindfully Present
7. No Phone Use During Sessions
8. No texting /emails during sessions
9. To benefit fully from this retreat plan to have attend the full event from start to finish

This workshop is not refundable. You may transfer this workshop to another person if you can’t attend. If there is a waitlist we will connect you with the next person on the list. Once transferred or sold, your reserved spot will be removed. If we cancel, the workshop you will be refunded.

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