GPOE on Tour at Bella Goose

GPOE on Tour at Bella Goose is getting ready to sip some delightful coffee while devouring scrumptious waffles on August 17th at 8am. Bella Goose coffee opened their headquarters in the fall of 2014, since then they have mastered their fresh roasted, handcrafted coffee and been working on finding a permanent home. Having had to move a few times in the past several years has not put their spirit down but only made them stronger and soar higher. Bella Goose strives to be part of inspiring beautiful leaders in our world, geese are known for their teamwork, loyalty and leadership thus the name Bella Goose meaning ‘Beautiful Lead’.

When You Come to GPOE on Tour at Bella Goose 

You’re not just buying a cup of coffee, you are doing so much more. Bella Goose has made it their mission to help women get out of human trafficking in Thailand and the Philippines.

With their help these women who are in terrible situations can create a new life. It’s beyond comprehension what these women have been through, people often think how can I help, what can I do to make a difference, Bella Goose is doing all the hard work and all we have to do is go buy their coffee to help! 

Visiting Bella Goose

This hip new location is just perfect and has an amazing view of the lower dells dam on the Wisconsin River. Soon they will also have some patio seating to give you and even better view. On Saturday mornings a waffle bar will fill you up, you can choose from fruit, nuts, granola and of course syrup to top off your waffle just the way you like it. Not in the mood for sweet, then try a handcrafted breakfast sandwich. Along with craft coffee there is a juice and smoothie bar! 

More Locations

They also have another location that is a roastery and tasting room and it is located at 744 Eddy Street in Downtown WI Dells, coffee tours and tastings will be available soon at this downtown spot. The Roastery is also big enough to host a private party and is available for rental. 

If you go to GPOE on Tour at Bella Goose

When: Saturday August 17th 8am-10am 

Where: Bella Goose Coffee on the river 2370 Wisconsin Dells 


GPOE upcoming tour dates:

8/25/19 11am – 1pm Leatherberry  Acres sunflower and hemp Maze 

8/23/19 6pm Sip and Swing at Fairfield Hill Golf course 

9/11/19 11am-1pm The Bella Vita Cafe

9/20/19 5pm Baraboo Night Market

10/19/19 10am-Noon Ski Hi apple orchard 


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After Visit to Bella Goose

Greatest Place on Earth debuted our new dog bandanas and had a blast greeting some cute pups. Bella Goose is a great spot with great coffee and food. The waffles are fantastic, if you don’t want sweet then the breakfast sandwiches hit the spot! The employees were hoping with a line to the door, the locals and tourists are loving this new coffee hot spot. The inside is comfortable and chic, the outside has a beautiful view that speaks for itself. Wisconsin Dells will benefit from this coffee place and now Bella Goose has found a place to call home in their new location. While they work hard with coffee don’t forget they are also out there saving people from human trafficking, they deserve all the business and fortune that comes to them. Definitely make this your new coffee spot or stop in when visiting the Wisconsin Dells.