Greatest Place on Earth brand  Baraboo, WI: The Greatest Place on Earth- Clothing & Gear Brand is so excited to begin our tour!  We are getting ready to attend our first GPOE on tour location. Come join us at this beautiful outdoor entertainment space on May 24th at 6pm we will be at  Riverfront Terrace! Riverfront Terrace We will be enjoying food, drinks and live music Eric & Mor – Home | Facebook. If you haven’t been to the Riverfront Terrace then you are missing out, enjoy the twinkle of the string lite patio overlooking the upper Dells river in the heart of Wisconsin Dells. Official Site For Wisconsin Dells | The Waterpark Capital of the World … Bring the kids and your energy with entertainment for all ages, you can play a round or two of  bag toss and large jenga. Relax on comfortable outdoor furniture while feeling the glow and warmth of the fire pits. With live music filling the night air you will feel like you are embracing everything that summer truly is.

Let’s Eat at Riverfront Terrace!

Let’s eat! Currently Riverfront Terrace has a food cart that boast pizza, salad and snacks. Coming very soon you can enjoy Riverfront Terrace Market and Cafe be prepared to have  your taste buds delighted with locally sourced ingredients.

Let’s Drink at Riverfront Terrace

Let’s drink! Featuring a wide variety of tap and can beer selections, wine and specialty can/cocktails. With an upper and lower bar you can find a variety of different tap beers between the two bars. So let’s put on our Greatest Place on Earth gear ( Gear avaialble at Spa Serenity in Downtown Baraboo )and head to Riverfront Terrace in  Wisconsin Dells on May 24th, can’t wait to see you there!

The GPOE Experience at Riverfront Terrace

Wisconsin Dells Best Sangria and Delicious Pizza

Riverfront Terrace is the perfect summer spot, with a beautiful view of the Wisconsin River. After ordering from the food truck we were delighted to enjoy the apples, bacon, bleu cheese, cheddar cheese and Rosemary pizza. This pizza was a treat for our taste buds, the sweetness of the apples combined with the salty taste of bacon along with the blue cheese left us satisfied and happy! Riverfront terrace is known for their sangria, this drink screams SUMMER! This sweet deliciousness is paired with a bright garnish of lemon, lime and orange.



Wisconsin Dells Perfect Summer Spot


Riverfront Terrace is the best place to unwind and take in the view, it is picturesque!  The combination of the view, live music, wonderful drinks and food makes this the place to be on a beautiful summer evening. Whether your out with friends or family, the kids and adults can play jenga or bag toss all while feeling the groove of great live music. GPOE on tour has a giveaway at each of our tour locations, our winner was excited to receive a gift box with a Greatest Place on Earth wine glass, stickers, koozie and magnet along with a Riverfront Terrace t-shirt from our wonderful host Allie. We really enjoyed ourselves and encourage everyone to go check out Riverfront Terrace for themselves.

Don’t forget to join us  


We can’t wait to share our summer fun with you!

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